‘For nothing will be impossible with God. I am the Lord’s servant, Mary answered. ‘May Your word to me be fulfilled.’…

Luke 1:37,38
  • The Lord can bring new life into barren and desolate places.
  • The Lord can turn a wilderness into pools of water.
  • The Lord can take an impossible situation and turn it around.
  • Nothing is impossible with respect to any of God’s promises.
  • the angel left her.
  • When we entrust our lives and future to God, anything can happen.
  • When we place ourselves in His hands, He can use us in the most wonderful way.
  • Every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God will be fulfilled.
  • Every promise that you hold dear, He will bring to pass.

PRAYER: Lord, what a joy it is to know that NOTHING is too hard for You! I thank You that no promise from You will be impossible of fulfillment. May every promise and plan You have prepared for me, happen to me, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday. Good morning. Shalom!

God bless you always and in all ways.

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